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Wiring Golf Cart Batteries: Easy 6-Steps With Images

Wiring Golf Cart Batteries: Easy 6-Steps With Images

wiring golf cart batteries

Golf carts usually run on six batteries, depending on your cart type. The batteries provide the required charge to propel the cart on the course for a complete round. The wiring of golf cart batteries differs from that of an automobile because they are installed in a bank— assembly of multiple batteries. Wiring golf cart batteries can become a daunting task if you haven’t done it before. In this article, you will learn how to wire golf cart batteries for better battery management.

Golf Cart Battery Wiring

Golf carts typically use 6-volt, 8-volt, or 12-volt deep cycle batteries. These batteries are connected in series to create a high-voltage system that is the only power source for the golf cart’s motor. Wiring golf cart batteries in series is done by connecting the positive terminal to the negative of the next battery. This configuration creates a continuous flow of electricity from the first battery to the last, providing the necessary voltage to propel the cart.

Series Vs. Parallel Golf Cart Wiring

Series and parallel wiring are two different concepts for connecting multiple batteries to power the cart’s electric motor. The main difference between series and parallel wiring is the impact on the output voltage and capacity of the battery system. When batteries are wired in series, voltage is added together, while when they are wired in parallel, capacity is enhanced. It is important to note here that the total energy of the system remains the same irrespective of the wiring configuration. 

For instance, connecting three 6V batteries with capacities of 100 Ah in series will result in a voltage of 36V with a 100 Ah capacity. On the other hand, a parallel setup will output 6 volts with a capacity of 600 Ah. Both systems have a total available energy of 3600 watt-hours (watt-hours = volts x amp-hours).

Wiring Golf Cart Batteries in Series

A golf cart series wiring configuration has the batteries connected end-to-end, i.e., the positive terminal of one battery connects to the negative terminal of the next battery. 

The remaining positive and negative wires/terminals are connected to the motor or battery pack of the golf cart. This results in a higher battery voltage, which provides more power to the cart’s motor. However, the capacity (amp-hours) remains the same as a single battery.

Here is a 48V battery wiring diagram in series:

48V golf cart batteries wiring diagram

Wiring Golf Cart Batteries in Parallel

Parallel wiring in golf carts involves connecting all of the positive terminals together and all of the negative terminals together. As a result of this configuration, the motor runs longer with a higher amp-hour capacity while maintaining the voltage output of a single battery.

Note: Series wiring is used in applications where higher speed and more power are required. On the other hand, the parallel wiring application is used in the long run.

wiring golf cart batteries: A step-by-step guide

How to Wire Golf Cart Batteries: Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the materials you will need for wiring golf cart batteries:

  • A set of deep-cycle batteries
  • Golf cart battery cable set
  • A battery cable cutter and crimper
  • Battery terminal covers
  • Wire brush and cleaner
  • Terminal protection spray

Follow these steps to wire golf cart batteries:

Step 1: Disconnect the Batteries

Before beginning the wiring process, it is crucial to disconnect the batteries from the golf cart. Start by turning off the ignition switch and removing the key.

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